Recognised by : Govt. of Maharashtra | Approved by : Maharashtra Council for Occupational therapists & Physiotherapists Affiliated to : Maharashtra University of Health Sciences(MUHS), Nashik

Electrotherapy & Electrodiagnosis

This is the basic core laboratory. This lab has all electrotherapy equipments and diagnostic equipments needed for undergraduate and post graduate training as per the syllabus.

The Electrotherapy lab in the college trains the students of First, Second Year BPTH in all functional electrical modalities.

The lab consists of Low Frequency, Medium Frequency, High frequency, Actinotherapy, Cryotherapy, Superficial heating Modalities.

The department focuses on the various Principles, Techniques, Effects, Indication, Contra-indication, Precautions and the dosage parameter for various indications of electro therapeutic modalities in the restoration of physical function.