Recognised by : Govt. of Maharashtra | Approved by : Maharashtra Council for Occupational therapists & Physiotherapists Affiliated to : Maharashtra University of Health Sciences(MUHS), Nashik

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Physiotherapy is a science based healthcare profession which considers human movement to be central to health and well being. It aims to maximize movement potential by using a problem solving approach which demands hard work, but is very satisfying.

Physiotherapists evaluate the functional capabilities & potentials of clients, some with correctable problems & some with permanent changes. They strive to help the clients to maximize their potentials, thereby preventing the recurrence / deterioration of the problem by using therapeutic exercises, mobilization techniques, various physical modalities like Heat, Cold, ultrasound, UVR, IRR & electricity based on scientific evaluation.

Physiotherapy as a Profession plays an important role in various other branches of medical profession like Orthopaedics, Sports, Neurology, cardiothoracic, obstetric & Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Community Based Rehabilitation and ergonomic evaluation & advice, etc.
To promulgate quality education, refutitive research, robust human values, exemplary ethics and state of the art patient care in the domain of physiotherapy
  • To promulgate quality education in the field of Physiotherapy in tune with the policies of the University.
  • To foster a sound and sustainable research culture amongst faculty and students.
  • To venture continuously in up-gradation of techniques and technologies for community care in general and patient care in particular.
  • To provide an enabling environment for overall personality development of students
  • To build robust human values and professional ethics amongst its students and faculty.
  • To engage in quality measures by involvement of all stakeholders.
  • To keep a constant vigil towards maintenance of set out standards by the apical bodies university and the government.