Recognised by : Govt. of Maharashtra | Approved by : Maharashtra Council for Occupational therapists & Physiotherapists Affiliated to : Maharashtra University of Health Sciences(MUHS), Nashik

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Physiotherapy is a science based healthcare profession which considers human movement to be central to health and well being. It aims to maximize movement potential by using a problem solving approach which demands hard work, but is very satisfying.

Physiotherapists evaluate the functional capabilities & potentials of clients, some with correctable problems & some with permanent changes. They strive to help the clients to maximize their potentials, thereby preventing the recurrence / deterioration of the problem by using therapeutic exercises, mobilization techniques, various physical modalities like Heat, Cold, ultrasound, UVR, IRR & electricity based on scientific evaluation.

Physiotherapy as a Profession plays an important role in various other branches of medical profession like Orthopaedics, Sports, Neurology, cardiothoracic, obstetric & Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Community Based Rehabilitation and ergonomic evaluation & advice, etc.
To promulgate quality education, refutitive research, robust human values, exemplary ethics and state of the art patient care in the domain of physiotherapy
  • To promulgate quality education in the field of Physiotherapy in tune with the policies of the University.
  • To foster a sound and sustainable research culture amongst faculty and students.
  • To venture continuously in up-gradation of techniques and technologies for community care in general and patient care in particular.
  • To provide an enabling environment for overall personality development of students
  • To build robust human values and professional ethics amongst its students and faculty.
  • To engage in quality measures by involvement of all stakeholders.
  • To keep a constant vigil towards maintenance of set out standards by the apical bodies university and the government.
Lavina Makhija

I am thoroughly impressed by the exceptional quality of lectures, dedicated staff, and top-notch infrastructure at Datta Meghe College of Physiotherapy. the lecture is not informative .

Dr.Himani Bhondge

Our college provides good opportunities for young budding physios, which helps them to excel beyond their limits.Our college has an extraordinary and well-equipped infrastructure

Dr. Snehal Sanjay Dhawale

The first and foremost thing about the college is great teaching staff, there excellence to deliver the knowledge, support to their students for academic and other problems .

Kareena Badodekar

I feel very fortunate to have been a part of DMCOP. Looking back to the four and half years of journey have been amazing and life changing years of my life.

Prachi P Parkhi

College infrastructure is really nice, all the facilities are provided, the classrooms are spacious and proper ventilated. there are 100s of books in library.

Bulbul Vasant Bhajikhaye

College infrastructure is really nice, all the facilities are provided, the classrooms are spacious and proper ventilated. Talking about the academics

Dr.Vedantika Waghale

I always aimed to become a successful doctor. After clearing the NEET examination i applied for this college and luckily get the admission in it. I chose this college due to the environment it provides to the students

Dr Khushbu Arun Lichade

Datta Meghe College of Physiotherapy is the perfect place to dwell at and gain knowledge about physiotherapy through guidance from teachers who are immensely helpful