Recognised by : Govt. of Maharashtra | Approved by : Maharashtra Council for Occupational therapists & Physiotherapists Affiliated to : Maharashtra University of Health Sciences(MUHS), Nashik


College Facilities Of DMCOP!!!

Campus is very beautiful and greenery is spread over all the areas and also has a wide parking area. Canteen is clean and hygenic and provides healthy food. There is also mini food van and vending machine for snacks in college. There is free wi-fi connection in the campus. Hostel facilities are available with in-house mess, cafeteria and also provide gym facilities for hostelites. College also provide bus facility for students. All medical facilities are available. Highly qualified and experienced faculties are present with friendly staff. Huge and seperate classrooms and practical labs with all kind of modalities and equipments are present. There is huge range of books of different authors and question banks in college library. There are seperate common rooms for boys and girls. There are curricular activities like clinical posting, lecture, etc. Community activities like blood donation camps, women’s day celebration, international yoga day, etc are also held. Cultural events are also celebrated. To build up confidence, stage daring, communication skills, other social related activities, quality of leadership we have ADCC program [Get Set Go]. Finally we have beautiful environment and campus with all facilities, we are so glad to be part of this Datta Meghe College of Physiotherapy family.

Sakshi V. Khobragade

Physiotherapy and It’s Benefits!!!
Physiotherapy is one of the healthcare professions and is provided by physical therapists who promote, maintain and restore health. Physiotherapy means the treatment of muscles, joints or nerves especially using exercises or moving the affected part or by therapeutic modalities. Physical therapists are experts in mobility and physical performance. There are lots of benefits that we get from physiotherapy. Physiotherapy decreases and also reduces the pain. Physiotherapy helps in improving coordination, balance and muscle strength.

It improves breathing, cardiovascular functioning and endurance. It also provides an alternative to surgery and prescription drugs. It optimizes physical activity and sports performances. It prevents injuries and also promotes wound healing. Physiotherapy helps in reducing swelling and inflammation of your joints. Physiotherapy augments effective recovery from surgeries, major illnesses or disabilities. It also restores normal movement for standing, walking and running. It helps to manage age-related issues like arthritis, recovery from joint replacement, etc. Physiotherapy plays key role in aiding with correcting or improving the damage for conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or who have suffered from stroke. Specific health issues like those related to pregnancy, postpartum care, pelvic pain, etc can easily be treated with physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is highly effective and it doesn’t have many side effects that’s why physiotherapy is getting popular day by day.
Sanika S. Janbandhu